Basic working principle of heat press --- Lucheng heat press

Basic working principle of heat press --- Lucheng heat press

A hot press is a device that heats two pre-fluxed and tinned parts to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow the solder, which, after curing, forms a permanent electro-mechanical connection between the parts and the solder. According to different products, the heating speed can be selected. Titanium alloy indenter ensures uniform temperature, rapid temperature rise and long service life. The pressure head is specially designed to be horizontally adjustable to ensure that the components are pressed evenly. Temperature numerical control, clear and precise. Equipped with a digital pressure gauge, the pressure range can be preset. ---Lucheng heat press


Hot presses are classified into constant temperature hot presses, pulse hot presses, double-station hot presses, double-head pulse hot presses, desktop hot presses, etc.


The principle of pulse heating, due to the special design of the surface of the welding head, the resistance of the welding surface is very small, and the current will pass through the section with the smallest resistance. By constantly changing the voltage and adjusting the current level, the welding head makes it quickly heat up.

Others will introduce the simple working principles of several heat presses

A: CH-IMD, IML thermoforming machine

1 Using four-column three-plate open space, four-column with precision seam guide sleeve, professional equipment developed for the IMD industry (in-mold decorative injection molding technology) and the forming of films, PET, PVC and other materials, the method of far infrared radiation can be used The sheet is heated, and then goes through a constant temperature device, and the pressure of the cylinder makes it form instantly. This machine can be used for both forming and punching as long as the mold is replaced. ---Lucheng heat press

2 Scope of application:

Home appliance industry: control panels for rice cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.

Electronics industry: MP3, MP4, VCD, DVD, computers, electronic notepads, digital cameras and other face coverings and signs.

Automotive industry: dashboards, air conditioning panels, lamp housings, markings, etc.

Other industries: computer industry, communication industry, medical equipment, cosmetic boxes, decorative boxes, toys, etc.

3 Advantages of thermoforming machine:

The speed of the machine can reach up to 250MM/sec, and the impact noise does not exceed 80 decibels, which is equivalent to a normal conversation in the office.

The carbon fiber heating tube with rapid heating, small thermal lag and uniform heating has a lifespan (continuous point burning) of ≥ 6000 hours. Long-term operation of this machine by staff can strengthen human blood circulation, accelerate new metabolism, and enhance immunity. --- Lucheng fever press

This machine can be used for both forming and punching as long as the mold is replaced.

The heating body of this machine is all enclosed with insulation cotton, and the external radiation power only accounts for 10% of the heating power during standby. The external radiation power of the conventional IMD thermoforming machine in the market is as high as 50%, and in the hot summer, 10 sets of 4KW conventional IMD equipment Need to be equipped with 10 5P air conditioners. And our hydraulic IMD equipment only needs 2 poles.

B: Four-column hydraulic press CH105

1 It adopts a four-column three-plate structure. The upper and lower templates add heating devices and imported intelligent thermostats. The hydraulic system has a built-in oil tank at the bottom, and the appearance is clean and stable.

2 Suitable for all kinds of mobile phone or remote control silicone, plastic button punching, plastic products whole cutting, all kinds of mobile phone, digital camera, laptop LCD protective film cutting, all kinds of stickers, trademarks, etc. , cut in half, etc.; --- Lucheng heat press

Various types of PV, PE, PC and other membrane switches, membrane panels bulging, forming, etc.;

Various types of portable computer keyboard flexible circuit compression molding, etc.;

3 Product Features

The oil cylinder adopts an adjustable type, and the positioning accuracy of the bottom dead center is high and the repeatability accuracy reaches 0.01mm;

Optional upper and lower templates add heating device and imported intelligent thermostat, the temperature difference can be accurate to plus or minus 1 degree, and the temperature of the upper and lower molds can be controlled separately

The optional intermediate template adds a load cell and a display to accurately display the force status of the product

Optionally add electronic ruler or grating ruler and display to accurately display the displacement of the oil cylinder

C: Four-column hot stamping machine CH105B

a: This machine adopts a four-column structure with high precision, and the plane and vertical can be controlled within 0.02MM. The benefits of low noise and high efficiency are suitable for the electronics industry. ---Lucheng heat press

b: Scope of application:

Multifunctional for the bronzing of cardboard, leather, rubber, plastic, decorations, porcelain drills, glass, wood, iron and other products.

Suitable for ceramics, printing, instruments, glass, textile, wood, electronic equipment and other industries.

c: 1. This machine is a newly designed model in the hot stamping industry, which has changed the unstable air pressure and unbalanced pressure in the machine that used air pressure in the past, resulting in the unstable effect of the product bronzing. 2: The machine adopts a four-column three-plate open space, and the guide post adopts high-frequency vacuum quenching treatment to achieve tensile and wear-resistant effects. The guide sleeve is guided by imported high-precision ink bearings, and the downward pressure is smooth and stable. 3. The heating plate has been treated with vacuum air conditioning, and the surface electroplating treatment will not deform or rust after long-term use. The heating tube adopts the stainless steel heating wire embedded casting type, which has the advantages of no oxidation, impact resistance, safety and reliability, rapid temperature rise and long service life. 4. The hot stamping mechanism is a stepping motor driven double rollers to automatically retract and unwind the hot stamping paper, which can accurately control the coiling speed, coiling time, and coil length while effectively saving the hot stamping paper, which is an effect that cannot be achieved by similar products. . 5. The oil cylinder of the mechanical safety part adopts a double-axis adjustable mechanical positioning, which can precisely control the lower limit position to ensure the thickness of the pressed product, and the repeatability can reach 0.02MM. The operating surface is equipped with an infrared safety device. Synchronous operation of both hands, rapid rise protection device. 6. The control mode of the industrial control part is divided into two types: manual and semi-automatic. The manual mode is convenient for mold installation and correction, and the semi-automatic mode can control the pressure holding time, which is suitable for the pressing time requirements of various products. 7. The hydraulic part is designed with differential pressure circuit to meet the requirements of low noise and fast action. It can reduce energy consumption when it is in standby, quickly turn the slow device to quickly improve work efficiency, and form products accurately and effectively at slow speed. The cooling system can keep the oil temperature at normal temperature and operate continuously. 6. Maintenance. The hydraulic system, the industrial control part and the fuselage are set independently, and the maintenance is simple, convenient and fast. ---Lucheng heat press

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