Hot-press machine inspection required matters---Xuchang seamless hot press manufacturers

Hot-press machine inspection required matters---Xuchang seamless hot press manufacturers

The use of hot presses must be carried out in accordance with the specifications to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel themselves. Among them, the inspection is a reliable focus, the following matters are as follows:---Xuchang seamless hot press manufacturer

1. Check the heating, lubrication and transmission of each motor, reducer and bearing every 4 hours. Whether the stroke switch and pneumatic components work normally;

2. Every car board should pay attention to observe whether the accumulator charging is normal;

3. Attention should be paid to whether there is any jamming between the pressure plate and the beam and the frame when the press rises. If there is any problem that should be eliminated in time, always pay attention to whether the work of the drawbar is normal, whether there is any possibility of loosening, and the wear of the lower beam should be dealt with each shift. Rubbing surface and lubricating oil once; --- Xuchang seamless hot press manufacturer

4, slabs, trays, and slabs must not stay in the press for too long, so as not to cause fire. In case of power failure, the press should also be manually pushed down the press, lower the press, and launch the board;---Xuchang seamless heat Press manufacturer

5, each slab into the installation must observe whether there is the possibility of damage to the tray, an abnormal attention to take the emergency stop button;

6. Pay attention to whether the work of pushing the slab into the installed car is normal;

7. Observe whether there is any jamming in the press slab press, whether the slabs are all pushed out of the press, if not all the presses should be pulled out manually, observe whether the baffle rises and falls in place;---Xuchang seamless heat Press manufacturer

8. Check if the hot oil pump has abnormal noise and whether there is any leak;

9. Observe whether the working condition of the front and rear baffles of the press is abnormal;

10. Observe whether there is leakage in the press and the oil pipe of the loading and unloading machine;

11. Pay attention to cleaning the dust on the outer surface of the heat transfer tubing and the frame of the press. Do not allow any fire in the range of the press;

12. Pay attention to observe whether there is obvious iron foreign matter entering the press to avoid damage to the pressure plate;

13. Observe the looseness of the plate gauge at any time. If it is, it should be dealt with in time

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