How to choose a laser cutting machine? ---Guangdong laser cutting machine

How to choose a laser cutting machine? ---Guangdong laser cutting machine

#Laser cutting machine which is better#

  How to choose a laser cutting machine?

  Specifically to see what aspects?

  1. laser

  The most important thing about a laser cutting machine is the laser. The longer the lifespan of a good brand, the higher the stability. At present, the mainstream laser brands in the market include IPG, Raycus and Chuangxin. Choosing a good laser can make the device last longer. ---Guangdong laser cutting machine

  2. Engraved head

  The cutting head generally consists of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focusing tracking system. At present, the mainstream cutting head brands in the market are IPG, Precz, Pachu Black King Kong, Opry, Jia Qiang, Wan Shun Xing. A good cutting head can improve the cutting quality and get a better cut product.

  3. Operating system

  The main function of the operating system is to process the graphics and image files designed by the user through a series of processes, and finally turn them into control instructions for driving motors and lasers, thereby completing complex processing. At present, the common operating systems on the market are Pacho and Wei Hong. A good operating system has simpler interactive pages and better nesting software, which simplifies operations and saves materials. ---Guangdong laser cutting machine

  4. Refrigerator

  A refrigerator is a device that achieves refrigeration through vapor compression or absorption cycles. There are many brands of chillers, the common ones are Kuwait, Tongfei, Hanli and other brands. A good brand can achieve a stable cooling effect for a long time, so that the high-load laser cutting machine can also operate within a stable temperature range.

  These are some noteworthy aspects of choosing a laser cutter. After screening and comprehensive consideration of various factors, you can choose the laser cutting machine that suits you. ---Guangdong laser cutting machine
  Well, the above is the whole content of this time, I hope it can help everyone.

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