The operation method and advantages of vacuum suction machine---Wenling vacuum suction machine

The operation method and advantages of vacuum suction machine---Wenling vacuum suction machine

The operation method of vacuum forming machine---Wenling vacuum forming machine

1. First check whether the moving parts are in their original positions;

2. The oil level of the vacuum pump must be located at the center line of the oil sight glass. When it is insufficient, vacuum oil needs to be added;

3. Use a lubricator to refuel, and add appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the moving parts such as the guide column, cylinder shaft, etc.; --- Wenling Vacuum Blister Machine

4. Check the oil level of the compressor. If it is not enough, turn on the circulating water switch;

5. Press the three-phase power supply, check the running direction of the vacuum pump or compressor, and confirm that it is correct before it can be officially started;

6. Press the main power button, then turn on the electric heating switch for preheating;

7. Adjust the heating time, cooling time, vacuum time, vacuum delay, moulding time, demolding time, delayed blowing, core pulling and secondary moulding time of each product. ---Wenling Vacuum Blister Machine

8. Press in the compression power supply, adjust the pressure to about 0.6-0.8Mpa, and then check whether the parts move normally.

9. Put each part in its original position, turn on the switch, and run it for 3 minutes to check if the program is working properly;

10. After the vacuum pump is started, it will automatically run in the machine. After the lower cylinder rises, you will hear the sound of vacuum absorption or the return of the vacuum pointer, which means that the vacuum system is normal;---Wenling Vacuum Blister Machine

11. After confirming that the components are normal, the materials can be placed and normal production can be carried out;

12. Turn the switch to manual, and then manually debug whether each action is normal;

13. Automatic operation, turn all the switches to be used to automatic, after heating, return the electric furnace to the empty position, then press automatic start, the machine will automatically complete the upper mold, lower mold, vacuum, cold air and demoulding. ---Wenling Vacuum Blister Machine

Advantages of vacuum forming machine

1. Automatic vacuum suction machine pulling system: variable frequency motor pulling, high torque, high precision, speed and length can be adjusted arbitrarily, pulling transmission is composed of imported aluminum beam conveyor track and double-row chain transmission device, aluminum alloy Chain, low coefficient of friction, no vibration, plus stainless steel wear-resistant frame, quick and easy width adjustment system.

2. The automatic vacuum forming machine is mainly composed of automatic feeding system, automatic pulling system, automatic heating system, cooling system, vacuum system, forming system, automatic stacking system and operation interface control system, with pneumatic device as the main power source , each system is composed of original and genuine electrical components, thus forming a fully automatic control system, the automatic vacuum forming machine is easy to operate, has high mechanical action and temperature control precision, high efficiency, and saves machinery as much as possible under the same production conditions energy consumption. ---Wenling Vacuum Blister Machine

3. The heating system of the automatic vacuum blister machine, the heating furnace is heated by ceramic infrared heating bricks, and the heating bricks are controlled one-to-one with a thermometer. The high and low temperature of each heating brick can be adjusted arbitrarily to make the temperature in the furnace more uniform and reasonable. Thereby greatly improving the production efficiency.

4. The cooling system of the automatic vacuum blister machine is composed of a cold water template, a cold water nozzle and a powerful air cooler. The cold air is equipped with a cold air braking device to reduce the residual air when the cold air work is completed.

5. Vacuum system: Equipped with a complete vacuum device, including vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, vacuum storage tank, vacuum valve, vacuum regulating valve, back blowing and demoulding, etc. ---Wenling Vacuum Blister Machine

6. The operation interface control system of the automatic vacuum forming machine has a reasonable installation position, complete functions, and simple and easy-to-understand operation.

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